Our expertise in home renovation came from our founder’s own experience remodeling his home that was built in the 1920’s.

Joe and his beautiful wife Kelli had just gotten married and bought a small but quaint little bungalow in one of Greensboro’s oldest neighborhoods. The next thing we knew twins were on the way! They quickly realized that they were going to need a larger home. An opportunity came up to purchase a 1920’s home that was, to say the least, a bit outdated.

It was like walking back in time. To say it needed a lot of work would have been a major understatement.

Joe put his heart and soul into bringing that older home back to life.

He enjoyed the challenge and efforts it took of transforming and blending the old into the new. He quickly realized that working with older homes is not just construction but a thoughtful and considerate process that takes a careful eye in keeping with the charm and character of what that house stood for. Joe thoroughly enjoyed the process and realized that this is what CDI Builders wanted to focus their efforts and creativity on.

17 years later we have remodeled some of Greensboro’s finest homes, transforming houses into homes with the same care and consideration that he used on his own home.

Specializing in custom renovation work for the past 17 years has taught us a great deal.

We are always striving to constantly learn more about our industry so that we can offer so much more to our clients than anyone else. We like to think that our combined 100 years of experience helps us to think of those things that you may not have thought about but wished you had. There is not much that we haven’t seen so when it comes to your remodel you can feel rest assured that there won’t be much that will get by us. We may not be able to catch everything but there won’t be too many things that will get by us either. We are constantly updating our resources and relentlessly keeping up with the current demands and trends of today. We spend the time doing that so you don’t have to. We think your time is better spent enjoying life and spending time with loved ones instead.

As we have always said, imagine it…and we’ll do the rest.

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