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That’s why we’ve put together a team of people to help you bring your spaces to life with beauty, comfort, style, and function.

Whether you need an architect, interior designer or a professional construction crew, we can provide you with the experts you require.

Our 3D design services will help you visualize each room before work ever starts!

Dining Rooms

Dining Room Renovation in Greensboro NC

We’ll help you create a space for your family to enjoy a meal at the end of each day as well as gather extended family for regular get-togethers, holidays, and special occasions.

Living Rooms

Living Room Renovation in Greensboro NC

When you’re relaxing at the end of the day, why not unwind in a space you enjoy? We will assess the needs that you and your family have for your general living and gathering space. Then we’ll design a room that suits how you use it.

Master Suites and Bedrooms

Bedroom Renovation in Greensboro NC

What’s does your dream master suite look like? Imagine a room to retreat to when you want to get away from the stress of your day a haven that’s attached to YOUR OWN a spa-like bathroom. What color would the walls be? What materials and patterns would you choose? This sanctuary can easily be yours and at a price you can afford.

Outdoor Spaces

garage renovation in greensboro nc

Backyards and outdoor spaces have quickly become an extension of our home’s interior. When you think outdoors, think CDI Builders. Maybe you’d like to rebuild or redesign a deck. Or perhaps add outdoor entertaining space. We’re your partner in designing outdoor spaces where you can both relax and entertain.

3D Design

We offer 3D design services so you can see what your home renovation will look like before construction begins. During the 3-D design phase, you can easily make changes to your layout, colors, and material selections before you order and before you spend more money than you planned.

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